All-electric A/C system for small e-powered buses

Spheros' Minisphere-E is the right answer for the growing demand for air conditioning in an increasing market of electrified mini-, midi- and micro buses in Europe, North and South America.

Besides a consequent lightweight construction the unit provides different energy saving features, such as a flat aerodynamic design, full system controllability via CAN and the fresh air ventilation that saves energy especially during spring and autumn. Based on identical interfaces Minisphere-E enables a wide range of applications.


Low life-cycle costs

  • Lightweight construction and a flat aerodynamic design (<190mm) result in low fuel consumption

Environmentally friendly

  • A/C ventilation with lowest possible energy demand
  • Energy saving due to fresh air ventilation, especially during spring and autumn

Easy to install

  • Plug and play unit for fast and easy installation: high voltage compressor incl. inverter and piping integrated in the unit


  • Available for hot and moderate warm climate zones
  • Broad application range
  • Platform with different features, interfaces for all versions are identical
  • Full system controllability via CAN, diagnosis and energy status available
  • Reduce of fog shot due to de-humidification mode (optional)


  • PTC in roof unit
  • Heat pump
  • Fresh air

Technical data

Max. cooling capacity, full load (kW) 11
Cooling capacity, partial load (kW) 5.3
Heating capacity heat pump / PTC (both optional, in kW) 6 / 5
Air flow volume cooling (m³/h) 2,000
Air flow volume fresh air (m³/h) 500
Electrical consumption cooling (kW) 5.7
COP Cooling 2.0
Number of blowers / fans 2 / 2
Compressor 400V
optional 800V
Weight (kg) app. 70
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1,421 x 1,310 x 184
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