Sidewall Heater

Sidewall Heater

Spheros axial and radial sidewall heaters make a significant contribution to optimizing the bus heating and air-conditioning system. Fast warm-up of the interior with ideal temperature distribution, together with service-friendliness and long service life are only a few of the many benefits of sidewall heaters.


Low life-cycle costs

  • Axial: - Long life due to optimized blower
  • Radial: - Cost-effective and versatile

Environmentally friendly

  • Axial: - Low noise level due to optimized blower


  • -Axial:
  • Double heat output compared to convectors
  • Greater comfort and fast warm-up with hot air to all seats
  • Variable length from approx. 1.7 m to 11.4 m
  • Variable heat output up to 1,500 W/m (at ∆T = 60°C)
  • -Radial:
  • Three blower directions ensure excellent heat distribution
  • Compact design with a length of 528 mm
  • Variable 2-stage air flow
  • High heat output 4.4 kW (at ∆T = 60°C)

Technical data

  Axial Radial
Heat output (kW) up to 1,500 W/m * 4.4 *
Length (m) 1.7–11.4 528 mm
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