Thermo HV

High Voltage Water Coolant Heater

Thermo HV is the future solution for plugin and e-powered buses and commercial vehicles that quickly, consistently and reliably heats the vehicle interior. The compact device ensures a constantly high heat output of 12kW and allows for flexible use in a power range of 600 to 850 Volts. Thermo HV features infinitely variable heat output control by means of an integral control unit. This takes place either by regulating the water outlet temperature or by limiting the maximum heat output or power consumption.

Furthermore, it is CAN-capable and transmits key operating data to the vehicle system using an intelligent diagnostic function.


Technical specifications for bus and heavy duty application

  • 12 KW heating capacity – stepless regulable performance as needed
  • Can be used in a wide voltage range from 450-850VDC (in peaks 1150VDC) without compromising efficiency
  • Integrated control board
  • CAN communication
  • Diagnosis

Environmentally friendly

  • 100% emission-free heating
  • Almost noiseless and no annoying exhaust fumes
  • Eco mode

Reliability & Safety

  • Multi level safety concept to ensure a constantly high heating performance
  • Compliant with ISO 26262 (ASIL B)

Fast and easy integration

  • Low weight, small and smart design - easy application, plug & play integration possible
  • Modular applicable as one-zone or multi zone-solution (up to 4 units applicable)

Convincing Customer Benfits

  • Powerful and reliable heat output: fast and constant comfort for the driver, passenger and battery system
  • Efficient performance: extended driving range without wasting energy
  • Precise and stepless controllability: better performance and optimized power management

Technical data

  Thermo HV
Heat Output (kW) 12 kW
600 V DC
Operating Voltage Range (V DC) 450 - 850
Nominal Voltage (V DC) 600
Low Voltage (V) 24 nominal
Temperature range in operation (°C) -40 to +85
Weight (kg) 4,9
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
w/o HV connector
250 x 182 x 194
Controllability Step less (via CAN)
Protection class IP 6K9K / IP 67
Safety concept according to ISO 26262 (ASIL B)
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