North American roots

Our company roots go back to 1948, when a company, known as Truck and Coach Heater Manufacturing, was founded in Livonia, Michigan.

Beginning of 2015 ACC Climate Control became part of the international Spheros Group, and just one year later ACC became part of Valeo automotive supplier Group as Valeo acquired the former Spheros with all its facilities worldwide.

During 2018 the renaming of the North American companies "Spheros North America" and "ACC Climate Control" in Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles North America took place.

Milestones worldwide

1956: First engine-independent bus heating system

1963: Foundation of Webasto Klimatechnik at Gräfelfing near Munich

1965: First bus air conditioning system

1970s: Bus hatch is turned from a legally required emergency exit into a ventilation instrument.

1990: Foundation of Webasto Bus GmbH in Neubrandenburg

1991-2011: Globalisation in Europe, South Africa, Middle East, USA, Latin Amerika and Asia-Pacific

1994: First gas-powered bus heating system

1998: Merger of the Heating, Air Conditioning and Roof Hatch business units into the new “Bus Business Unit” of Webasto AG.

1999: Acquisition of Parabus, the Finish roof hatch manufacturer

2005: Foundation of Spheros GmbH Webasto AG sold its „Business Unit Bus" to Granville Baird Capital Partners, Capcellence and management. Since this time the company has been legally and financially independent, operating under the new name Spheros GmbH with the new Spheros brand.

2008: Opening of the new Head Office at Gilching near Munich

2008: Neubrandenburg plant becomes a competence centre for heating development and technology, being the only air conditioner production plant in Central Europe.

2013: Opening of Spheros Suzhou, China

2015: Acquisition of ACC Climate Control in North America

2016: Spheros and ACC are part of Valeo

2017: Spheros and ACC change entity name to "Thermal Commercial Vehicles"

2018: Argentina Opening